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This blog is created for friends and family to follow the journey of Jackson as he under goes surgery to correct his little heart. This site will be updated frequently over the next few months to make sure that loved ones are updated on Jackson's health and recovery. Please take time to read Jed and January's story as they go through this difficult season. Support our dear friends by leaving a comment of encouragement (at the bottom of each entry click on the word "comments"), passing on the blog to others, and praying daily for little Jackson's heart.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Chillin With My Boy

It's such a relief that Jackson is on the road to recovery, it is like a village of 800 pound gorillas have vacated my chest! January is at home getting some much needed rest, and I am here in my comfortable new socks while my boy is enjoying his morphine cocktail. They're waking him up to induce coughing now and then to keep his lungs free from fluid build-up. So far so good. The fluids from his chest cavity are draining nicely and he is eating plenty of mommy's milk. All of this to say the recovery is going as good as we had hoped, maybe even better.

God has made his goodness known in this trial by bringing healing to my son, and hopefully providing for a speedy and thorough recovery. Though this is in part through the incredible skill of the Children's medical staff, we are convinced that this has been enabled by the sovereign hand of our God moving the hearts of so many of you to prayer and action.

Praise be to God!


Anonymous said...

We are praising God with you for sustaining Jackson's life through the surgery and now allowing him to be on the road to recovery. We will continue to pray his body heals quickly! God bless your sweet family, Paul and Toni Fleischmann

Kelley said...

so happy to read that jackson's recovery is going so well! praise the Lord. we love you guys and continue to pray.

Suzanne said...

I am so happy to hear this amazing update. God does work miracles. If you need anything, and I mean anything, John and I are only a quick call away!
With lots of Growth Group love,

Robyn Wood said...

Thanks for the update! We have tears of joy reading about how well his recovery is going!

anjuli paschall said...

i saw jackson this morning. it was difficult to see him with all those tubes. He is soooo precious. i love my Nephew!

Anonymous said...

Marsha and I are thrilled to hear of God's mercy and help throughout the surgery and now into recovery. We wil continue to pray for all of you.
The Keatings

Mike and Kim said...

God is good! We're thinking of you guys and are elated to hear Jackson is doing well. We pray that he recovers quickly. Love, Kim and Mike

Teila said...

It was so wonderful to hear about your good news, what a blessing that Jack made in through his surgery. Jack and your family will continue to be in my prayers. May your family continue to be blessed and may Jack continue to make progress. I pray that this season will soon be behind your family and you may continue to focus on all you fun things a new baby brings. With love and support, Teila