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This blog is created for friends and family to follow the journey of Jackson as he under goes surgery to correct his little heart. This site will be updated frequently over the next few months to make sure that loved ones are updated on Jackson's health and recovery. Please take time to read Jed and January's story as they go through this difficult season. Support our dear friends by leaving a comment of encouragement (at the bottom of each entry click on the word "comments"), passing on the blog to others, and praying daily for little Jackson's heart.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Home At Last

Well, Jackson, January and I are at home recuperating from our little adventure. Jackson was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday evening, a couple of nights earlier than the soonest we were expecting. As soon as we got in the door at our place, Jackson let out a beaming grin and a sigh of relief. It's kind of funny how you can really tell that he likes being at home with his family.
Sue (January's mom) came in yesterday to help us out with Jackson's recovery and it sure is nice to have her company and help.

This morning we went back to Children's for his post-op follow-up appointment. They said his tests look great and he is recovering well. We are even able to cut down on a few of the medications we were giving him because he is doing so well. With that said there are a couple of things that we would appreciate your continued prayer over:

1. Jackson is still really sore at times, and the surgery itself was such a traumatic ordeal for his body and mind, and he has had some difficulty as we have been home with discomfort. Please pray that God would continue to heal his little body and give comfort to his mind as he continues to recover.

2. January and I are still really worn out as well, and we need an extra measure of patience, tenderness, and empathy as we help Jackson out.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support, even if we can't thank each of you personally, we have been truly blessed by God through you.


Anonymous said...

We are very glad to hear Jackson is back home so soon after his successful surgery. Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing your specific prayer requests once again, as it allows us to pray more intently. Hopefully, you will take some time to take care of yourselves while you have others to help with Jackson's care. God Bless.
Sharon and Gene Krueger

Kelley said...

we love you little guy- we are praying!

Augustus Rex said...

So stoked you guys are at home now - I am completely convinced that because God's people have asked this "anything" from Him that He has heard and has brought Jack such a speedy recovery. It won't be long until you are rolling your eyes as he tells you stories about how impressed some teenage girl was with his scar - something tells me that, being your son Jed, that he will exploit that for all its worth! Love you both and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anonymous said...

such wonderful progress for our little boy! he is on the prayer chain of my "cousin" families..I also sent the blog address to all of them, Grammy and Rob & Elizabeth and to my church..lots of love and prayers for our little Jackson..God has surely heard all of us and poured out His mercy and love on Jackson...I'm especially proud of you, Jed & January!!!my love to all G'MaCarolynn

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that everything went well with baby Jackson, he is on his way to fully recovery. I will always remember him-the beautiful little boy and his sweet smile. God bless him. January, wish you and Jed have plenty of rest. Sorry, I made a mistake on my schedule, I worked on Thursday instead of Friday. Wish to see your guys on his next appointment.
By the way, nice blog and great pictures.
Love from his nurse

anjuli paschall said...

Praying for you guys tonight. i know these have been tough days. I am so grateful that Jack is home- right where he belongs. love you!

Robyn Wood said...

It is so good to hear that you are all home and that Jackson is healing well. We will be praying for his over all comfort and for your strength as you care for him. You two are such amazing parents- We're so proud of you friends...
Much love, Robyn and Jeff

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I have never met you before, but your prayer request came through the Sun Deo prayer line. We have been praying for Jackson and yourselves. We are so happy to hear that Jackson is home. We sure enjoy listening to Jackson's favorite tunes. God bless you all!
Laura and Lynn Miller

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say praise god for who He is and for all His blessings on your family. i have to say how encouraging it is to see your faith in Him during this time. i will keep jackson and your family in my prayers.
jennie sciurba

Brandon said...

This makes me happy.